What is a Power Bank?

A Power Bank serves as an ‘extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices. It comes in handy in emergencies or whenever your USB device runs out of battery power.

How do I charge a Power Bank?

The most common way you can charge your Power Bank is via your computers usb port.

How long does it take to charge the Power Bank?

It depends on the capacity of the Power Bank. The larger the capacity (measured as aMh milliamp hours), the longer charging time required. Different charging methods may result in different charging time as well.

What is mAh?

mAh means milli Ampere Hour, the capacity of the power bank is measured in mAh’s! A low capacity Power Bank would be a 2000 mAh while currently, high capacity Power Banks range above 20,000 mAh’s. The Best bag for your buck is a Power Bank in the 5000- 7000 aMh range.

How many charges are in a Power Bank?

That’s kind of like saying how many people can fit in a car?  A big car (Cadillac Escalade) can hold 10 small people (kids) and a small car (VW Beetle) can only hold 2 Very Large People. Each Power Bank has varying capacity (ie: how many aMH’s) and each phone or device has a differing size of battery (ie: a cell phone takes less Juice to power up than an I-Phone) However, a simple way to look at this is a 12000mAh Power Bank should be able to charge a 1500mAh capacity cell phone about 8 times.

What’s the difference between an 18650 Power Bank and a Li-Polymer Power Bank?

An 18650 is a Samsung designation. This type of battery holds the charge longer, is more stable and more reliable than a Li-Polymer Power Bank. All of our Power Banks are 18650 unless specifically stated otherwise.