02 Sep

P-14 PowerBank Portable Battery Charger


Power Banks are the latest winner in the promotional products industry. Perfect for the B2B executive on the go, corporate brand identity or event marketing a portable powerbank is a tech necessity.

What is a Power Bank?

A power bank is a small and compact portable battery charger for your cell, smartphone, I-pad or any usb device.

The Power Bank is rated in mAh Milliamp hours which in the simplest terms is the power/charge rating of a specific Power Bank.

They start small at 2000 mAh and go up to gigantic 30,000 mAh. A small power bank will charge a phone 1-2 times while a large PowerBank will charge a laptop.

It is the perfect accessory for those times when you are on the go or away from an outlet and need to recharge.

Typically a cell phone will charge in 20-30 minutes while a laptop will take longer.

If you’d like to know more, simply call us at 888-908-1481 or visit us at www.powerbankpromo.com

power bank is essentially an external battery in a sealed case. Powerbanks come with a USB cable; you connect it to a power source such as a laptop to charge the powerbank. Some charge via flip out blades for plugging into the wall.

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