15 May

Our goal is to be the innovator of trending logo’d swag

The promo swag business prides itself on being innovative but at the same time is mired in repetitive behavior that promotes safe over innovative. Why is this wrong?


The promotional products business is a 27 Billion dollar industry whose stated goal is to provide creative marketing solutions, yet the reality of this industry is that it is mired in the promotion of tired and safe ideas.


Promotional products or swag occupy a unique place in our collective mindset. It is one of the more ubiquitous office accessories and one to which a significant portion of the budget is allocated. However, its true purpose seems to have been lost and is now overridden by the bland and the boring.

popsocket trade show promotional products and b2b swag

Get your business logo on a pop socket for trade show promotional products and b2b swag. Pop sockets are the top selling promotional product for trade shows in 2018. Wholesale, imprinted and factory direct promotional pop sockets are the perfect swag for conference giveaway, B2B marketing and trade show swag.


Historically speaking, the idea of promotional products is found in its name: promotion. The first major purpose of swag was for trade show giveaways and B2B marketing.

Trade show giveaways are still one of the key reasons for the existence of swag. Its purpose is really, really simple.


“The purpose of swag for trade shows is to get people to come to your specific booth and to go away from your booth with something that reminds them of who you are!”


If you agree with the above quote, then the obvious conclusion is that whatever you put your logo on that you give away, it better be eye-catching and innovative. The top trade show giveaway is a pen. A crappy leaky pen is NOT very innovative or trendy!

The reason the pen is the number #1 giveaway is because the people who generally sell you your swag are not very in touch with trends or innovation. Indeed, some are, but the vast majority is not.


“ASI (the Ad Specialty Institute) says the average age of the promo resellers (distributors) is 57! Is the average 57 year old somewhere you would look to for innovation and trend awareness?”


This is why you should consider Trade Show 8. TS8 is a trend oriented promotional products business that looks for trending swag ideas that can have your logo imprinted or engraved on them. We specialize in trade show swag, B2B marketing and unique trending swag.


Popsockets for b2b logo, marketing and tradeshow logo. Get your business logo on a popsocket

Pop sockets for B2B logo, marketing and trade show logo. Get your business logo on a pop socket.


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