5 Easy Steps to Create a Custom Shaped Power Bank

  • Step 1:
    The customer calls or emails our designer with a question or 2.

    "I want a Power Bank shaped like our new truck?
    Can it be done and how much does it cost?
    What are my minimums and how long does it take?"

How We Work With You to Create a Custom Power Bank

We are great advocates of making the process simple.  If you scroll through the 4 step slider above you will get the high points of the process.  However, if you want to read more detailed info, here goes.

1) Call or email us.  john@ promocrunch.com or 888-908-1481.  Send us your logo or image and give us some direction as to what you want.  If you are just curious about price simply ask as well.

2) As soon as we have the information we can quote.  (Minimum order on custom is 200 units.)  At this time we can also make you a FREE VIRTUAL PROOF.  A FREE VIRTUAL PROOF is a CAD (Computer assisted drawing) that gives you a simple, detailed look at what your Custom Power Bank will look like.  Below is a typical CAD FREE VIRTUAL PROOF.

powerbank cad proof

3) Art, images and logos. We can and do work off of rough sketches but, to be honest, to get the best possible and quickest results sends us proper art.  The logo in AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF.  Send a good hi-res picture of the product from a couple of angles.  All of this helps.

4) Once  approved we move into production.  Production takes about 3.5 weeks.  Here are several examples of what we can do.

5) This is the best step of all…  Everyone slaps you on the back and says, “You are AMAZING!  Great job!”

Howto1-PB&iPhone Howto2-PB&iPhone Howto3-PB&iPhone