Custom Power Banks

How To Do This:

Promo Crunch is a leading designer and manufacturer in the field of custom shaped Power Banks. We can turn your product or logo into a powerful promotional Power Bank.

Simply send us your logo or art to and give us 48 hours and we will create for you a 3-D custom shaped Power Bank virtual.

Check out some ideas and work below!

General Price Guidelines:

Each design is different in price but as a “rule of thumb” you can use the following as a price guideline. This is based upon a 2600 mah Samsung battery.

250 Units: $7.88 each, Mold Variable, Freight extra.

Best Designs:

For design purposes the best ideas for a custom Power Bank is to use a long cylindrical or rectangular shape. As a simple example, a Cigar is a great shape, a basket is not. The reason is simple, the PVC shell must contain a round cylindrical Power Bank. If we try and create a shape that is more “Basketball-like” the overall size will be too large to be portable.

Our power Banks are certified by UL (Underwriters Lab) and all use Samsung 18650 battery components.

Custom Power Banks are available in quantities from 200 or more. The Price of a Power Bank is mostly determined by its mAh (Milli Amp) rating which can range from 1000 (very low and not very useful) to 20,000 mAh and higher.

As an example a 2600 mAh Power Bank will recharge the average smart phone twice, while a 20,000 mAh will recharge a laptop.

If you require more information on what a Power Bank can do and it’s charges etc please contact us at 1-888-908-1481 or email